Warranty Conditions



In addition to obligations from the store where you purchased the device. Benbo Bv offers the warranty below on devices traded by it. By invoking this warranty and/or service of Benbo Bv you agree to all the conditions below.

​1. Warranty

The warranty of Benbo Bv only applies if all the following conditions are met: 

​a. you have purchased the device as new; and
​b. the defect is the result of a design, material or manufacturing defect; and
​c. you have reported the defect to Benbo Bv within the warranty period ; and
​d. you have submitted the proof of purchase to Benbo Bv ; and
​e. the device has been properly maintained; and
​f. you have made reasonable efforts to prevent further damage after the defect has been discovered.

​2. Warranty period

If you as a consumer buyer have purchased the device new from a store, Benbo Bv offers you a standard 24-month warranty from the date of purchase. Benbo Bv offers a 3-month warranty on repairs outside the warranty perios. Repair or replacement of a device does not lead to the restart of the warranty period.

3. Scope of warranty

Unless excluded, Benbo Bv repairs or replaces a defective device under warranty and the costs that Benbo Bv has to incur for this remain at its expense. 

Benbo Bv may take a part or the complete device for research and/or keep it after replacement.

4. No warranty

Warranty does not include:

a. damage to the device that was present when removing the unopened factory packaging but was not reported to Benbo Bv within 48 hours of purchase or delivery;
​b. damage caused by lightning, flooding, bumps or falls and/or transport;
​c. defects due to incorrect placement or connection, the electrical installation to which the device is connected, limescale, incorrect operation of the device, the presence of objects that do not belong in the device and causes that come from outside the device;
​d. rust formation in devices placed in a wet room or a room with high humidity;
​e. overload, normal wear and tear and wear and tear with excessive use, improper use, repair by the buyer or a third party;
​f. showroom that has been removed from the Benbo Bv delivery program for more than 24 months and demonstration models;
​g. minor deviations from the quality and/or specifications that do not have a noticeable adverse effect on the value, operation and/or soundness of the device.

5. The warranty is void if:

a. the device is repaired or modified by a person other than Benbo Bv or another person designated by Benbo Bv;
​b. the serial number/production date is damaged, deleted or otherwise illegible.

6. Unjustified warranty invocation

If there appears to be no defect or the defect is not covered by the warranty, the costs incurred by Benbo Bv will be charged to you at the applicable rates. The costs may include call-out costs, compensation for the time spent by the service technician and the price of replacement parts.

7. Unjustified claim of warranty

If, in the opinion of Benbo Bv, repair of the device is not reasonably possible within the warranty period, Benbo Bv is entitled to replace the device with an equivalent new device or if this is not reasonably possible, to reimburse you for the purchase price. If you are liable for VAT, this concerns the purchase price excluding VAT.

​8. Remaining

Benbo Bv declines all responsibility in the event of accidents and/or damage caused to persons, the appliance, the furniture and/or the building due to a non-compliant installation or use of the appliance or due to normal wear and tear of the appliance. In the event of a dispute, the courts of Antwerp shall have sole jurisdiction.